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SUPRO branding




The application manages the delivery chain. Our task was to create the branding for this project. The idea behind the sign is connected with a chain and a parcel.

Mockup_supro2 Supro_black_and_white_variations Supro_Logo_inspirations Supro_branding supro_mockup
Medieval Madness game illustration mobile

Medieval Madness

game illustration mobile

Mobile games? No problem. An example can be our game Medieval Madness, which takes you back to the medieval times. Your task is to destroy the enemy with a trebuchet and the ammo is you brave daredevil knight. Everything is kept in a fairytale style.

Medieval_game_action_screen Medieval_game_move_screen Medieval_game_fight_screen
babu mobile native


mobile native

The project, which is to become the mobile Amazon of the Middle East. If you want to buy something, you can do it easily and quickly with your mobile phone. That was the idea and our interface fulfills it completely. The legibility and clearness make it easy to find a given item, order it and pay for it. However, it is not all. In the application there are some sophisticated social-networking functions so that it is easy to follow the trends the users are interested in.

Babu_homepage_and_shop Babu_shop_and_socialmedia Babu_activites_and_item_card Babu_order_form_payment
Rackonauts branding desktop web


branding desktop web

Our task in this project was to create the company’s branding and the website project. The project of the service managing cloud hosting was made according to current trends, taking responsiveness into account. Both logotype and branding are based on a cosmos theme, in a flat design style.

Rackonauts_homepage Rackonauts_customer_review Rackonauts_news Rackonauts_available_packages Rackonauts_support_center
Foody branding cross-platform


branding cross-platform

The Foody project is aimed for restaurants’ owners and it is intended to help the food ordering system. Our main goal, which we wanted to achieve as designers, was easy and intuitive navigation. Thanks to it, the user is able to find what they are interested in, in an easy and clear way; and what is more, they can quickly get the information about given dishes.

Foody_home_page Foody_admin_panel Foody_info Foody
Zain LIFE web



Zain is a leading mobile and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 8 Middle Eastern and African countries which in total employs over 7,000 people.For our customer we have created an intranet with a Content Management System. We designed a whole new UI/UX that equates to the spirit and values of the brand. The design is very clear and modern. To keep user experience simple the application is bright, mostly white, but Zain is a colorful brand so we did not forget to put very powerful additives in many different colors.

Zain_pulse Zain_announcements Zain_hits_by_sections Zain_my_career
zorbot embedded



Zain is a leading mobile and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 8 Middle Eastern and African countries which in total employs over 7,000 people.This unique project involved making application for customer service robot that will appear in the company’s premises to offer assistance. We were advised to stick to the brand book guidelines, but we proposed some creative ideas and solutions that were received very positively.

zorbot robot zorbot panel 1 zorbot panel 2 zorbot panel 3 zorbot panel 4 zorbot panel 5
Munson Furniture desktop web

Munson Furniture

desktop web

Munson Furniture is web application for simplifying furniture selling and managing the workflow of workshop. Endowed with 3D editor on ShapeDiver JS for furniture configuration and dynamic price calculation depending on parameters. Design is very subtle and elegant with a lot of white space. Color use is very limited to give document impression. The inspiration for us were furniture designs created by our client.

munson_products munson_configurator munson_orders munson_workshop munson_sequence
Expedi desktop web


desktop web

Expedi is a Gas & Oil Industry company providing procurement solutions to increase the efficiency of drilling operations. We built e-commerce solution based on Shuup Platform, cut and extended right to Expedi needs and with a custom ReactJS app for searching. Design was prepare with close cooperation with client. We used color from Expedi logo for our primary page tint. Our main goal was to make site experience as much user friendly as possible.

expedi_landingpage expedi_equipment expedi_search expedi_details expedi_address
Milo Tools desktop native

Milo Tools

desktop native

Milo Tools is a client relation management system. The multi module application allows for a company operation improvement, collecting the information about employees as well as clients. The base of this project was well-thought mock-ups preparation, analysis and cooperation with programmers in each design phase. Thanks to such a preparation, the project is legible, easy to use but at the same time sophisticated. The number of available functions is vast but using the application doesn’t require any training thanks to being intuitive.

milotools_calendar milotools_database milotools_projects milotools_access milotools_users
Mmm Food web

Mmm Food


AirBnb was a revolution in the flat renting field. And what about an application allowing for buying food from a private person in a similar way? We had a pleasure to take part in designing the Mmm web application, where you can search for and buy ready-made dishes. There are unusual meals, photos attract your attention and clear panels enable you to order. Our goal was to show the user that it is easy to use and that everybody can do it!

mmm_food_today_for_order mmm_food_info mmm_food_rate mmm_food_homepage
Likye mobile branding native


mobile branding native

The application allows for browsing all available special offers in the shops which are part of the Likye system. Our main goal was to make it easy for the user to search for things they are interested in and an appropriate filtering. The user has an access to categories, offer types and distance from their current location. Notifications allow for being able to keep abreast without the need of running the application. Thanks to it we can reach the product at the lowest price before the assortment exhaustion.

Likye_login_and_item_screen Likye_Timeline_and_Special_Offers Likye_register_and_shop_screen Likye_descriptions_and_favourites_list_page
Everyday Vegan mobile branding native

Everyday Vegan

mobile branding native

With regard to the growing tendency of paying attention to the cuisine and eating habits, we created and application for those interested in the vegan cuisine. It allows its users to search for vegan dishes and recipes, look at the nutritional values of particular meals or obtain some information about veganism. Mouthwatering pictures and unique contents are supposed to please all vegans but also to attract new fans of this life style.

Every_day_vegan_login_search Every_day_vegan_food_screen_customize preferences Every_day_vegan_ingredients_recipe Every_day_vegan_did_you_know_and_goodbye_screen
Cash Register embedded

Cash Register


These are recently popular self-service cash registers. The most important thing in such screens is to make them easy to use and intuitive. With the aim of reducing the cashiers’ interference, we focused on legibility and we wanted to understand the user. The system is tailored to the users’ needs regardless of their age. Everybody is able to use such a cash register.

touch-screen_start touch-screen_scan_and_pack_products touch-screen_select_method_of_payment touch-screen_select_category touch-screen_Bread_select_product
BoostWorx cross-platform



From time to time we have a possibility to work with clients from Middle East. In such a type of design, text is a mirror image comparing to the European standards. But even such challenges we can manage, which is visible in our application managing real estate. There are both mobile and browser versions available.

Boostworx_prporties description_properties_list Boostworx_profile_loading Boostworx_properties Boostworx_profile
Iconography illustration branding


illustration branding

Nowadays icons are an inherent part of an interface. They became popular thanks to their ability to pass the information visually. Not only can we use them, but also we design our own sets.

icons_business_set icons_payment_newsletter icons_set1 icons_newsletter
Illustrations illustration branding


illustration branding

The designers in Milo can not only show their investors’ ideas or design an interface in a legible way, but they are also creative and art talented. The illustrations we create are the proof.

Mockup_illustration1 Illustration_team_members Illustration_workers Illustration_recruiter_life Illustration_how_app_talks_with_us Illustration_show_me_your_profile Illustration_womens_in_IT Illustration_Firefox_OS Illustration_Afraid_of_working_with_remote_teams.Look_for_testimonials


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